23 ways to volunteer with our chapter and meet new people
October 5, 2016

I’m Dan Callahan, chair of our chapter communications committee. First off, thank you for supporting our work. I don’t know if you know this, but we’re all volunteers in the chapter.

I first took advantage of volunteer opportunities with the chapter so I could broaden my work experience and get a new job. I also had (and still do have) more time than money to support our cause.

But the greatest reward turned out to be meeting some really nice people in our chapter–friendly, smart, fun, dedicated people–who have become my good friends. We even fish together once in awhile.

Therefore, here’s your chance to do the same thing. Check out the list of 23 things we do below. See if you’d like to try volunteering in one of these areas, just once:

1. Website, SEO, social media, email marketing

2. Photojournalists – shoot photos, video, write, edit, post

3. Writers – website and newsletter stories

4. Media relations – write releases and contact media

5. Event planning and organization

6. Event Troops: If you just want to pitch in on-site to do whatever needs doing sometimes.

7. Welcoming committee – Reach out to new people at our events

8. Boots-on-the-ground marketing – deliver newsletters, fliers

9. Business marketing – contact businesses for silent auction items

10. Outreach – We have a table at events. Set up display, do handouts

11. Demonstrator – help people cast, show how to tie flies

12. Membership communications – email welcome, help membership with account questions

13. Volunteer coordinating – maintain database, contact, organize

14. Corporate fundraising – seek sponsorships, grants, employee giving

15. Individual donor development – make materials and present them

16. Elected official education – help write emails or talk to lawmakers

17. Research and review – streams, proposed developments, laws, regs

18. Meeting monitors – get agency emails, watch meetings, ID issues

19. Asset Analysis – Do members have an expertise that could help us?

20. Landowner outreach – help us contact, encourage and reward them

21. Stream restoration coordination – work with Tony Nelson, our habitat committee chair

22. Solo Seeder – we’ll give you some prairie seed.¬† Next time you go out fishing, take some and hit a bare spot.

23. Parsnip Patrol Рlearn how to ID and safely eradicate Wild Parsnip, and invasive weed that causes chemical  burns when the plant juice on your skin is exposed to the sun! Yikes.

If you went through that list and think we’re missing something, please let me know.

I’ve really enjoyed meeting everybody I’ve volunteered with, and I think you will too.

Just let me know what you’d like to try, once. Thanks!

dan@twincitiestu.org (651) 238-2111