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May 21

Thank You to our Volunteers on May 3rd

so.branch vermillion 5-3-14 streamwork 003

Hi All, Stream work on the south branch of the Vermillion went great! We had 25 volunteers and we removed a lot of brush & trees(mostly buckthorn). We also treated the stumps to kill the roots with chemicals supplied by the DNR. Mark Nemeth of the DNR was there & trained volunteers to treat the …

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Apr 04

Habitat Update from Tony

For 2014, we are starting with 5300 feet on Hay Creek downstream of the Camp Ground. The plans, bids & final research were done over the winter & will start hopefully by mid-April barring any delays with all the permits. The chapter can expect some additional cleanup(brush & tree removal) on Hay Creek as well. …

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Apr 17

Habitat Update from Tony

Mall of America Stream will being May 14th, with DNR crews doing the work.  If you are open to volunteering during a weekday, please contact Mark Nemeth of the DNR ( or Tony Nelson (  On Satruday June 2, TCTU will be laying down mats and re-seeding with the DNR from 10am-2pm.  Please contact volunteer …

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Mar 19

H.I. Projects coming up for 2012 – Update from Tony

MOA Creek:  We have done several walk throughs with the National Wildlife & DNR.  This is a DNR Project on federal land.  About 200 feet of stream will be re-meandered, an old dam will be lowered & we will put 15 V-shaped log cross vanes in places using DNR heavy equipment and the help of …

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Mar 01

Please call or write… by Tony

John L., our fearless leader testified at a hearing against HF2169/SF1922. This bill will repeal ALL rules governing the Pollution Control Agency, the DNR, the Board of Water & Soil Resources, the Environmental Quality Board & the Dept. of Agriculture(MN). This is supposed to force the departments to rid themselves of old or duplicative regulations. …

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Jan 21

Update by Tony – Hay Creek and MOA Creek

Hay Creek: Please find a foto survey of the 2012 Hay Creek project.  About 10000 feet in total.  We do not plan to do a complete re-build as we did upstream in 2011 but more “spot” work.  Some initial design work is done with more to come.  The first 5000 feet has to be done …

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Nov 18

Tony’s Update

Round 3 projects for next year on Hay Creek:  Additional 5000 approx. feet on Hay Creek, immediately down stream of what we just finished. We should be doing initial walk-thru with DNR & landowner soon. Vermillion: 2000 feet just east of Hwy 52. Met with DNR today to get information to do stream design specs …

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Nov 07

Tony’s Update – Hay Creek

This summer’s project on Hay Creek is done! Everything went well.  We did nearly all bank re-construction.  The stream remained clear for many days of the 3 week project & you could see many fish feeding while bank work was proceeding next to them. I walked the entire length of the stream last Sunday & …

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