Here are four easy ways to donate to Twin Cities Trout Unlimited, which is a 501(c)3 nonprofit:

  • Let Amazon give us 0.5% every time you make a purchase through
    • If you have an Amazon account, just log-in at  Click on “Your Account” in the “settings box” and then click “Change your charity”.  Search for Twin Cities Trout Unlimited, then click “select”.  You’re done! From then on, with no further effort on your part, Amazon will match 0.5% of whatever you buy and give it to Twin Cities Trout Unlimited.  This donation is at no additional cost to you and remember–you must sign in at the URL for this to work.
  • Donate online through
  • Mail us a personal check
    • Mail to: Twin Cities Trout Unlimited, PO Box 2786, Minneapolis, MN 55402
  • Donate at work
    • Many companies will match whatever you give. Some will even donate money based solely on your volunteer time. Check with your human resources department.