Try Winter Fishing! Our Fishing Map of Hay Creek Near Red Wing
January 16, 2017

This map of Hay Creek near Red Wing shows sections restored by Twin Cities Trout Unlimited (TCTU) volunteers since 2009; six miles in all.

The gold section shows fishing access provided by private landowners through state angling easements.  Thank landowners if you see them.  Leave farm gates the way you found them, and don’t block access to any roads or driveways.

In the gold section, you can fish with only artificials such as flies and lures. You must return all trout from 12 inches to 16 inches in this section of Hay Creek, to promote bigger fish and better natural reproduction.

The blue section shows MNDNR-owned public access for fishing, where we also have done stream restoration work. During the regular trout season, you can keep fish here, though we recommend catch-and-release.

In addition to the regular trout season, Hay Creek is open to catch-and-release fishing in winter, from New Year’s Day, until the day before the regular trout fishing season opens in April.

After fishing, stop in at the Hay Creek Valley Campground Saloon and Cafe and buy a beer.  They’ve been strong supporters of our chapter’s work.

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