Project Healing Waters

Project Healing Waters

Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing is a nationwide program and very active in the Twin Cities.  It is dedicated to help with the physical and emotional rehabilitation of disabled active military service personnel and veterans through fly fishing.  This includes both fly fishing education and outings. 

You know why you joined TU!  

You know when to attend a meeting, to support a fundraiser, to hold an office, to sign up for a project… and of course the joy of fishing. In case none of these things strike a nerve… consider “Project Healing Waters”.  At 100+ Veteran’s Hospitals around the country (half of them supported by a TU chapter)… small groups of veterans from every era enjoy the company, conversation, skills, time and attention of a fisherperson like you.

Such encounters are not by chance. Doctors and therapists are arranging (prescribing) attendance and participation. Volunteers like us arrange sessions of “bug talk”, casting, tying, etc… in the conference rooms or hallways during wintertime. Anticipation for fishing outings in the spring and summer is GREAT!

SO; PLEASE consider this!

  * Add fishing with a vet to your already busy schedule!

  * Make your TU contribution of time and energy to a vet!

  * Locate that old single-action reel in your collection (a vet needs it)!

  * Share some of your fur and feather collection in a session with a vet!

  * Figure out how to cast with one arm… perhaps sitting!

  * Imagine a woolly bugger made with one vet’s hand and one of yours!

TCTU is sponsoring organization for Project Healing Waters at the Minneapolis Veterans Medical Facility.  We will collaborate with other TU chapters, fishing clubs, tying clubs, shops and individuals to bring the fly fishing experience to those who SERVED all of us.

To learn more or volunteer… Please Contact Rob at