Thanks to our Eagle Creek Volunteers
April 10, 2017

We had a great day of doing stream restoration work in the MNDNR Eagle Creek State Aquatic Management Area (AMA) in Savage, MN on Saturday, April 8.  The Savage Pacer newspaper did a great article about the day, and included photos at this link.

It’s a continuation of the work we started back in 1993 to save Eagle Creek, when Savage was going through urban development.  This is the only trout stream in Scott County. There are still wild brown trout up to two feet long living in this little creek. They naturally reproduce here.  The DNR hasn’t stocked it since 1978.

In all, 67 volunteers worked on the restoration project.  We cut down buckthorn, treating the stumps so the brush won’t grow back, and hauling the brush up to the road, where workers from the City of Savage will grind up the brush into chips for use on walking trails in the AMA.

The ongoing work will help restore the native (and rare) oak savanna landscape surrounding the creek, to prairie with scattered oaks.  The Mayor of Savage, Janet Williams, thanked our volunteers and the community members who joined us, for their work.

We are all volunteers in the Twin Cities Trout Unlimited chapter.  We spearheaded the campaign to establish the first aquatic management area in the state, in the mid-1990s, on Eagle Creek.

Now AMAs, like state Wildlife Management Areas, or WMAs, are a common tool used by the DNR to protect land and wildlife surrounding high-quality fishing areas.

Special thanks to CBRE Commercial Real Estate for letting us use their parking lot for the event.  Thanks also to the new Hy-Vee store in Savage, which donated $50 to help us feed our volunteers.

Watch for another Eagle Creek restoration day in the fall.

To see some video of the big trout in Eagle Creek, and for tips on where else besides Eagle Creek you should fish for trout in the metro area, go this this story: