We Did it! The VRWJPO Agreed to Stop Lobbying for Lower Pollution Protections and Cleanup Standards on the Vermillion River
January 27, 2016

YAY! All the emails from TU members, other environmental groups, and clean water advocates we alerted worked!

Last night at a public hearing on the 10-year Draft Watershed Management Plan for the Vermillion River Watershed Joint Powers Organization (VRWJPO), staff prefaced the public comment period by saying they had been inundated with emails, and they have agreed to drop language in the new 10-year watershed management plan that was advocating for lowering pollution protections and cleanup standards on the Vermillion River.

The river runs from Elko New Market in Scott County, through Lakeville, Farmington and the townships all the way to Hastings and the Mississippi River.  It’s a trophy brown trout stream, with catch and release regulations for the naturally-reproducing browns, and regular, statewide limits on keeping the stocked rainbow trout.  It’s the biggest trout stream in the metro area.

Your advocacy has had a major impact on the future of the Vermillion.  The VRWJPO pledged to continue work with Trout Unlimited to restore the watershed and the river. We look forward to working together with everyone who cares about restoring the river, especially the landowners who have been longtime, dedicated stewards. They play the biggest role in the Vermillion’s continuing recovery.