Twin Cities Trout Unlimited
Committed to conserving, restoring, and protecting coldwater fisheries in Minnesota and throughout the Driftless Region of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois and Iowa, with a focus on the Twin Cities metro area.
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Hay Creek, The Vermillion River and Hust Creek
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Fly Tying, Work-Days, Outreach Events and more...
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To Conserve, Restore and Protect the cold water fisheries throughout the Driftless Region of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois and Iowa with concentrated efforts in the Minneapolis, St. Paul and Western Wisconsin regions

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Come alone and meet new friends! Or bring friends, kids and anyone else.  Learn the basics of fishing, and fly fishing. Already know a thing or two? Please help us as a volunteer at these events. Minnesota Trout Unlimited Education Coordinator Benji Kohn and Twin Cities Trout Unlimited Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing Program Lead Rob Noirjean have planned some fun […]

WCCO 4 News meteorologist Molly Rosenblatt went down to the Vermillion River in Farmington, to show how kids from St. Paul got to release the trout they had raised from eggs in their classroom aquarium. The watershed education program is run by Minnesota Trout Unlimited, with the help of many volunteers, local donations, and additional […]


It’s back! Get an EYEFULL of awesome new fly fishing films in the International Fly Fishing Film Festival (IF4), (, Monday, May 22. These are all new, and many say, are better than, the Fly Fishing Film Tour (FT3) that stopped at the Parkway Theater in Minneapolis in March. Show up early to Surly’s Destination Brewery, at 520 Malcolm Ave SE, […]

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